Welcome to The Sports Mill!

Northern New England’s Premier Indoor Athletic Training Facility is proud to welcome you!  With a staff of over 15 In House and Special Guest Instructors, Roots Athletic Development and Over 17,000 Square feet of Indoor Turf space will help you and your team develop the Skills and Strength needed to compete at the highest Levels!

We are located at 159 Frontage Rd, Manchester, NH.  Reach out by phone at 603.836.4950, or by email at info@thesportsmill.com

Full Service Athletic Training Center

We are so excited about the configuration of the Sports Mill and the multitude of options it provides. Players of all ages are guaranteed to be amazed with the size of the playing fields. Actual baseball field distance throws can be made by catchers, infielders and outfielders alike. Batters can hit to their hearts content with 11 batting cages that can easily convert to pitching tunnels. Two of our batting cages are separate from the main turf and are available via rental and through membership purchases.

ATEC pitching machines will also be available to provide maximum hitting opportunity! We have also purchased Rapsodo, the industry leader in data analysis for both pitching and hitting. This technology provides instant statistics into angles and spin for real-life results. This is the same technology trusted by both the MLB and MiLB to optimize your training!

Our Pro Shop, Granite State Athletics, will offer the finest baseball gear in the industry and promises to provide competitive pricing! As if this wasn’t enough, we will also have an in-house strength & conditioning provider  “Roots Athletic Development”!! Roots offers sport specific training and is the perfect fit for those athletes aspiring to compete at the next level!!